1.Enter transaction ID to check the quotation

1.1 Please enter the transaction ID (transaction hash) in the input box labeled “Please enter transaction ID”, and click the “Check” button to perform a quote check.

If you need to receive an email notification for the acceleration result, you can fill in your email address in the “Email address for acceleration result notification” input box. You will receive the acceleration result after the acceleration is completed.

1.2 If you encounter a prompt saying “This transaction requires contacting us for further action, please contact us”, please send the transaction ID to the administrator in the Telegram group. After the administrator informs you that the transaction has been processed, you can check the quote normally.

2.Select payment method for payment

2.1 After the quote information check is completed, the size and cost information required for acceleration of the transaction will be displayed. After selecting the payment network, click the “Pay Immediately” button to wake up the wallet of the currently selected payment method for the transfer operation.

2.2 If the wallet balance is insufficient or there is no available wallet environment to initiate the transfer when clicking the “Pay Immediately” button, the button will change to “Scan code payment”. Clicking the “Scan code payment” button will take you to the QR code payment page.

This payment method requires you to transfer the required acceleration fee to the provided transfer address through other means. After the transfer is completed, you can stay on the same page to wait for the acceleration result. Alternatively, you can query the acceleration status by entering the transaction ID again or provide an email address to receive a notification for the acceleration result.

* Note: Please carefully verify the transfer address, amount, and currency when making the transfer to avoid any unexpected situations.

3.Wait for acceleration result

3.1 Once our backend service has confirmed the transfer, it will enter the acceleration process. At this time, you will see the “waiting for acceleration” page. Since the entire acceleration process takes an undetermined amount of time, it could take several minutes or even several hours. Therefore, please be patient and wait for the process to complete.